About Slashare

Slashare is an eCommerce start-up hailing from Silicon Valley, born in the COVID-19 era. We understand that the economy has radically changed for many people in recent times, and we want to respond in similarly radical ways by offering customers exceptional deals, quality, and transparency.

Transparent pricing

Slashare is not a traditional retailer that maximizes profit by driving up its mark-up.
Instead, we want to offer a range of curated products at a price point that is much closer to the true cost of the material, labor, and shipping values than other sellers want you to believe is possible.

Lifestyles in a box

In order to help young shoppers reduce their living costs, we offer products at affordable prices without sacrificing quality or style.
Through bundles, subscriptions, and all-you-can-fill models, Slashare offers consumers many opportunities to procure “lifestyles in a box” without the time commitment or high cost.

A new shopping experience you will love

By carefully selecting essential and desirable products for a younger, discerning, and cost-conscious generation, Slashare aspires to be a new kind of retailer that shoppers will return to time after time.

Best deals directly from factories

Slashare has an integrated international supply chain operating as a multi-category online shopping platform. Whereas most brands outsource this supply chain, Slashare has spent years cultivating relationships with numerous factories abroad to serve our customers best-in-price accessories for home.
You may see these same products at other online retailers! But we guarantee to have the best price online.

Slashare is not a dropshipper, rather we cultivate continuous relationships with factories to serve our customers the best deals. The number of factories willing to serve Slashare customers continues to grow as our demand grows, so thank you for the support! It means better deals are on the way!
Slashare has a dedicated customer service team online daily to ensure your package arrives with ease. If you ever have an issue with an order, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at cs@slashare.com.

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